Guruji’s definition of Yoga is the union of the intellect of the head and the intelligence of the heart. He writes that Yoga protects those who practice it and live dynamically in it (Yoga raksati raksitah!). This is the theme for the upcoming series which begins on Thursday, May 14th and ends June 9th.

Class Schedule

The following classes are being offered:
Mondays @ 5:45 PM: Restorative & Pranayama*
Tuesdays @ 5:45 PM: All Levels Asana
Thursdays @ 5:45 PM: Intermediate/Advanced Asana
Saturdays @ 10:00 AM: All Levels Asana*

The Philosophy discussions will continue to be held from 5:30-5:45 PM EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will be learning “Patanjali’s Greatest Hits” this series. Students planning to attend should download these two documents.



Registration / Fees

Tuition for the 4-class series is as follows:
1 class/week: $80
2 classes/week: $150
3 classes/week: $180
4 classes/week: $200

These classes are by pre-registration. Please email and let us know which classes you are registering for and we will reply with the links.

All classes are now being recorded. If you have to miss class during the scheduled time you can still attend at your convenience. Send me an email with a request for the link!

As always, students experiencing financial hardship may make a donation of any amount affordable to attend classes. It continues to be our priority that the holistic, healing benefits of Yoga are available to all.

Pay for classes and support the community HERE.

* The Pranayama class scheduled for May 25th will be held on Saturday, May 23rd @ 11:00 AM EST. The “All Levels Asana class” will start @ 9:30 AM on Saturday, May 23rd ONLY. A recording of the Pranayama class will be available for those who are unable to make the rescheduled class date.

To join class, please do the following:

  • Send an email requesting the link(s) to the class(es) you plan to attend. You will receive an email in reply.
  • If you signed up but did not receive a reply, check your spam! If you don’t find it there, email me again.
  • Download Zoom and use the option to create a FREE account.

Brand-new Beginners

Brand-new beginners should follow the program outlined in Your Year of Yoga: Learning to Love Practice and use the videos that accompany the book on my YouTube channel.