The other night I needed to make dinner fast and used mostly processed, although organic and non-gmo foods.  The meal, while tasty, left me feeling somehow lacking. Like I had duped the guy I had served it to, and who had sung my culinary praises, into thinking he’d eaten. Today I made yellow dal with spinach “from scratch” and felt exactly the opposite:  I couldn’t wait to hear my beloveds acclaim and was genuinely happy to feed his mortal body this particular meal.

made with organic tomatoes from maria’s garden!

made with organic tomatoes from maria’s garden!

I found myself wondering:  why did the two meals create such different feelings inside me?  When have I experienced this difference before between similar things? The answer came quickly:  when I go for my daily walk I feel like I have checked something off my “Holly’s healthy to-do list” but when I do my daily Yoga practice the feeling goes beyond the body/mind and I experience the fullness and the presence of that which unites us all.

Cooking with whole foods versus using pre-packaged, processed ingredients is much like my daily walk versus Yoga: infusing a meal with hand-chosen grains, vegetables and spices allows me to see the whole inherent in the individual and cultivates a feeling of fullness that, while it certainly serves the purpose, a not-from-scratch meal just doesn’t create.

Three cheers for cooking with whole foods and having a spiritual practice for they both do a body (and a mind, heart, spirit) good!

OM Shanti,