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The Yoga of Fullness

by holly

Do you know that saying, “Don’t tempt the fates”? Well, in my last blog I asserted that a dedicated yoga practice had seated me in gratitude, which leads to contentment. I’d already planned my next assignment, in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, to explore the concept of thankfulness. And the fates were about to hold my grateful, […]

Yoga to Still the Head and Open the Heart

by admin

Published on March 14, 2013 on Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen. From years of daily yoga practice I have learned to be at home within myself, no matter where in the world I may be located. Specifically, yoga has taught me how, as my teacher Patricia Walden often says, to “bring the mind of the brain […]

Yoga to Transform a Bad Day

by holly

When I was asked to write on this topic, the first thought I had was, “How can I write a blog about bad days when I don’t have them anymore?” It had been so long since I was unable to be seated in gratitude (which leads to contentment) that I wasn’t sure that I would […]

Yoga for Building Up Immunity of All Kinds

by holly

Published on September 20, 2013 There are countless studies that show that yoga improves immune functioning, most recently the one mentioned in a post here by Dr. Eliaz that describes “how yoga is actually working to benefit us on the genetic level.” The online Oxford English Dictionary defines immunity as “the ability of an organism to resist […]

Yoga for Promoting Patience

by holly

Published on June 18, 2013 on Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen. “…the truth is you turned away from yourself and decided to go into the dark alone…” The first time I read these words by Kabir, the mystic poet of India, I knew deep inside myself that the turbulent time I was experiencing in my life was […]

Yoga for Gardeners

by holly

Published on May 21, 2013 on Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen. It’s that time of year again: the days get longer, the nights get shorter and the air is warmer.  Those three things, combined with the delightful colors bursting all around us, create a sirens call to the outdoors. In my almost 15 years of teaching […]

Yoga Twists to Strengthen and Cleanse

by holly

Published on April 16, 2013 on Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen. Once, while driving, I reached into the backseat back directly behind me, and into my yoga bag in which I had stashed some almonds. My immediate craving was satisfied, but my lower back suffered as a result—it was in spasm for the next several days, revolting […]

Yoga to Clear Away Old Stale Energy

by holly

Published on February 14, 2013 on Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen. Yoga teaches us that we have the freedom to choose the thoughts we think and, therefore, our responses to the “highs and lows” of life. It is winter, and spring is still weeks away. Now, I could bemoan this fact or accept it as truth […]